The Anarchist 100ml 0mg Shortfill Range

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The Anarchist Range

 Anarchist White:

ANARCHIST WHITE 100ml Shortfill is a delicious marshmallow, graham cracker flavoured E-Liquid.

Anarchist Black:

ANARCHIST BLACK 100ml Shortfill is a perfect mixture of sweet, white sugar cupcake with vanilla creme frosting.

Ararchist Blue:

ANARCHIST BLUE 100ml Shortfill is a refreshing Blue Raspberry Slurpee flavour.

Anarchist – Blueberry Cinnamon:

Blueberry Cinnamon 100ml Shortfill  is an iced cinnamon bun with a warm blueberry filling!

Anarchist Green:

ANARCHIST GREEN 100ml  Shortfill is an amazing, Apple Cookie Butter flaflavour.

Anarchist Pink:

ANARCHIST PINK 100ml Shortfill is a refreshing combination of sweet and tart, pink lemonade.

Anarchist Purple:

ANARCHIST PURPLE 100ml Shortfill is an amazing Grape Bubblegum flavour.

Anarchist Red:

ANARCHIST RED 100ml Shortfill is a sweet and sticky strawberry candy to tickle your senses and leave you only wanting more.

Anarchist Watwermelon:

ANARCHIST WATERMELON 100ml Shortfill is a proper watermelon candy with just a hit of juicy gummy flavour!

These E-Liquids are 0mg 100ml shortfill, To make 3mg you will need to purchase x2 18mg Nic shots.