IVG Nic Salt E-Liquid (10MG)

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Blue Raspberry 

Blue Raspberry eliquid by IVG is a strong and sharp fruit blend. A blue raspberry flavour is present through vaping, with tart and juicy notes, topped off with menthol.


Bubblegum s eliquid by IVG is a combination of bubblegum and chewy candy flavours, with a strong sugary kick and a fruity undertone.

Kiwi Lemon Kool

Kiwi Lemon Kool eliquid is a combination of fruit and menthol flavours. A blend of kiwi and lemon creates a sweet taste that has a crisp aftertaste, further enhanced on exhale by the icy notes of menthol.

Rainbow Blast 

Rainbow Blast eliquid is a complex fruit blend with a cool twist. A fusion of sweet and tart tropical fruit flavours is present throughout, with hints of strawberry, mango and candy; while a bold menthol creates a smooth exhale.


Spearmint eliquid by IVG combines cool and sweet notes throughout. The spearmint flavour has a floral taste undercut by smooth, icy notes. The candy flavour on exhale creates a sugary finish.

Summer Blaze

Summer Blaze eliquid by IVG Salt features the tangy and sweet taste of summer fruit throughout. This flavour base is combined with peach, berries and lemon; with a cool, sharp finish.